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A Ring Fidget is a ring you wear around your fingers with an element of spinning, twisting or tapping that lets you “fidget” with it. There are many types of ring fidgets such as Magnetic Spinner Ring Fidget, Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget and Finger Ring Fidget…

Those Ring Fidgets can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, can promote the blood circulation of the finger to a certain extent, very suitable for students, office workers

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Magnetic Spinner Ring Fidget

  • Unique Design: The Magnetic Spinner Ring Fidget is a streamlined design of snappy magnets encased in colorful vibrant rings with multi-directional spin. The magnetic ring composed of colorful colors can attract your eyes and show you a different self in front of your friends.
  • Stress Relief: This toy makes you calm immediately and relieve stress, easy to operate and can play with one hand. Colorful magic fidget toy is not only a fun enjoyable toy but it also acts as a stress reliever and helps anxiety
  • Professional magnetic spinning ring toys made of ABS plastic, hard and stable, not easy to deform, ergonomic grip, comfortable hand feeling, not slippery even for a long time.

Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget

  • Made with high-quality stainless steel with an anodized coating, they are made to be strong and durable for kids and adults. They help create plenty of pressure and sensation through the acupressure process
  • Ideal for the classroom, home or office, they’re great for parents, teachers, students, therapists and more. A fantastic alternative to other sensory toys, including sensory brushes and rolls
  • Fidget and sensory toys are great for children ages 3+ and adults, but especially helpful for those with attention disorders, OCD, special needs, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, help reduce stress / anxiety and can help increase focus / attention

Finger Ring Fidget

  • Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, develop better focus and concentration while adding a fun element to using it! Perfect for people who are bored at home during quarantine or have conditions like ADD & ADHD, OCD, Autism
  • Circular Dial, Button, Rotary Knob, Worry Stone and 3 Gears! All you need for your fidget needs
  • Made of ECO-Friendly ABS Plastic! Sturdy and smooth surface to hold or play! It is 100% safe and durable for everyday use and relief
  • Fits comfortably in your hands or carrier for both children and adults! A perfect toy for every occasion such as traveling from one place to another, at work, or during the home quarantine
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